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Africa Adventure 2013

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Chapter 4 Dispacth from Terry Gauthier


I have to say I had an awesome time and as always it went way to fast. I really enjoyed the new friends that I made and my hopes is I will ride with them again on a future ride. The accommodations and the great food was great. The trip was well plan out and Helga partners in Africa were great and easy to work with. Bursitis went well over the top and help me get a replacement part for my bike and I appreciated it. The ride was a challenge and the Rhino road was the best part for me. I enjoyed the sand and gravel the best and found what the envelope will hold!

My next ride is possible Cape Town to Cairo or the Silk road adventure. I also plan on taking my wife on the next ride for at least two weeks to share the adventure with me. I will be sporting a new 2014 water cooled GSA. So I say good bye for now and hope to be posting again on a future ride with Globe Riders.







Chapter 4 Dispacth from Gary Schmidt


I’m still going through all my pictures and it keeps bringing back wonderful memories. The trip was a wonderful experience that I would do again in a heart beat. Helge does an incredible job of planning and then executing the experience of a lifetime.


The animals, the people, the countries were better than I could have ever expected. And to ride with such a great group of people was just frosting on the cake. I’m hoping to see everyone again on a future GlobeRiders tour. I’m looking forward to arriving in Istanbul, Turkey on May 4, 2015 for the Silk Road Adventure.






Chapter 4 Dispacth from Helge Pedersen


Sossusvlei in Namibia has some of the tallest sand dunes in the world. They are spectacular and even more so if you have the chance to see them in the early morning, As the sun starts to paint the landscape with a deep orange sand color and sharp black shadows will define the dunes in a dramatic way.

This is a photographer paradise where compositions and ever changing light will enthuse your digital cameras to record pictures that you never before thought that you would be able to take.

Having enjoyed the sand dunes for a full day and taken hundreds of pictures we headed south early next morning on the last long ride to Fish River Canyon. The sand was a little more challenging this day and to make it even a little more challenging the wind started to pick up. The wind was good for the dust to be blown away, but made it more challenging for the ride.


Once again we had two of the most experienced riders crash on this days ride. Despite warnings of past years riders going down on this particular day I were very surprised to see this repeat itself this year. Fortunately non of the riders were hurt, the damage was on their bikes and nothing more than what could be repaired and the journey could continue.

Fish River Canyon was our last two days stop and the day of we used to explore this incredible canyon. From here on we soon would hit the main tar road leading to South Africa and back to Cape Town where it all had started 5 weeks earlier.


I would like to use the opportunity to thank you every one of the group members on this journey. You were great to travel with and good ambassadors for all of the adventure motorcycling community. Wherever we stopped I could see you engage in conversations with the locals and so many smiles were returned as you waved your goodbyes.

I will go traveling with you all any place any day, just let me know so that I can start packing.


Thanks so much, Ride Far – Ride Safe!


Helge Pedersen


Helge's Photo Gallery



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