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Cape to Cairo 2012 Expedition

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Four Amigos Rides again, this time in Africa.


We all have different stories of how a journey came to be. Some happens over a beer at the local tavern with good friends and others come from a weekend ride with your buddies. They are all different just as much as this story goes.


If you have read the Tierra del Fuego journal from 2010 you will recall that we were four riders covering the distance from Los Angeles to the bottom of South America, Tierra del Fuego, and incredible ride with plenty of exiting experiences. It was on that journey that the idea of a new ride was born and here we are two years later riding in Africa.


Once again I have the pleasure of sharing the ride with Dan T. Moore, Roger Hansen and Vincent Cummings. We had such a great time in South America that we decided that another similar journey would be a good brake from everything related to work.


Our journey starts in Cape Town, South Africa and ends in Cairo, Egypt. The rout that we have chosen to take will be around 10,000 miles (16,000 kilometer) and go through the following countries: South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt.


Having traveled from Norway to South Africa and back in the early 1980’s I spent 2 years on this incredible continent and that was the start of my 10 years ride around the world. But even on that journey I did not see it all. At the time it was impossible to enter in to Sudan on my way back to Norway and for that reason I traveled to Somalia, Djibouti, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria, Turkey …..

Today Somalia, Yemen and Syria is not possible to travel to so we will visit several countries that I have not had the chance to ride in before and they are Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt.


Some people call us crazy for what we are doing while others can’t wait to see this tour offered as a commercial tour as GlobeRiders Cape to Cairo Adventure 2014. In other words this is a so called scouting tour for the upcoming GlobeRiders journey.

We will check the road conditions, hotels and log every turn of the trip on our GPS units to make sure that next time we come this way we are on the right track.


From experience internet connections in Africa can be difficult at times and we will be very busy riding and scouting the tracks ahead so do not expect a regular update of this journal. We will be shooting still pictures and video and given some time we will do our best to post these in the coming chapters of this journal, enjoy.


Helge Pedersen - Seattle, WA

. . . his BMW R1200GS Adventure

Vincent Cummings - Vancouver, BC

. . . on his BMW R1200GS Adventure

Roger Hansen - Jupiter, FL

. . . on his BMW R1200GS Adventure

Dan T. Moore - Cleveland, OH

. . . on his BMW HP2

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