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Live!Journal - IndoChina Adventure 2008


GlobeRiders is thrilled to conduct our IndoChina Adventure 2008, a 12,000 kilometer immersion in the spell-binding cultures of Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand and Malaysia.  I will lead the eight participants on this inaugural tour.  This is the home page of our Live!Journal, a web travelog of stories and photos from the field.


Our journey begins in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) Vietnam on 24 Sep, terminating 56 days later in Kuala Lumpur on 18 Nov.  To acquaint you with our route, we have an interactive map (courtesy of Google Maps) at the top of this page.  By clicking on the pan and zoom controls in the upper left hand of the map, you can see where they'll be riding.  If you click and hold in the map, you can drag the map around.  To reset the map, refresh your browser.


At least once a week (sometimes, bi-weekly if time and internet connections permit), we'll send an email newsletter to all subscribers in our database. This newsletter will contain one or more clickable links to new Weekly Chapters (which you can also access directly via the Navigation Menu above). If a Weekly Chapter has been published, it will be highlighted in blue.  If it has yet to be published, it will remain white.


In addition, there are two special "Weekly" Chapters.  The Bikes & Bios Chapter gives you an opportunity to get up close and personal with our participants.  It contains a short biography and a couple of favorite photos from each of our tour members.


There is also a Satellite Tracking & Navigation Chapter. My motorcycle is equipped with a satellite GPS transponder provided to us courtesy of Touratech. Every 60, the transponder uploads my current position via satellite, and this in turn updates a tracking frame which you can see on that page, showing my current position and also our track to date.


Back in early August, we loaded each participant's motorcycle into our container.  Bikes went in first, checked and strapped, packaged panniers went in last, the doors were closed and latched, and the tamper-proof seal was applied.  The container was then trucked to the port and loaded aboard a freighter for the long voyage across the Pacific Ocean to Saigon.





Our group is nine participants total: three women, six men, six bikes.  We are one Canadian, one Norwegian, the rest Americans. 


Come Ride with Us!


Helge Pedersen - Founder

Photographer, Journalist, Traveler






Cummings, Vincent


Hutt, Joe


Hutt, Marlene


Mathews, Mike


Ofsthus, Karen


Ow, David


Pedersen, Helge
Lead Guide - GlobeRiders Founder


Shepherd, Jack


Sikorowski, Linda



Than, Phan
Local Guide - Director, Vyta Tours




The countries included in the IndoChina Adventure itinerary are list below in alphabetical order.  If you'd like to learn more about them, clicking on either their flag or coats of arms will take you to their entry in Wikipedia:
























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