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IndoChina Adventure 2009 - Bikes & Bios Chapter

Our intrepid leader, Helge, is triply blessed this year.  Not only does he get to adventure in the fascinating countries of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, but he has the luxury (from a guide's standpoint anyway <g>) of having a small group, and, they're all experienced GlobeRiders, each having already completed at least one tour with us.

This is the "up close" and personal Chapter of the IndoChina Adventure 2009 Live!Journal.  I've asked each of our participants to share a little about themselves, and also provide a couple of favorite photos to go along with their Bios.  We can't be with them in the flesh, but at least we can learn a bit more about them virtually.


I'm delighted to introduce the members of IndoChina 2009!



Best Regards,


Mike M. Paull - Partner



Frank Baughman - California, USA - 2005 BMW R1200GS
Silk Road Adventure 2005
World Tour 2006    

Husband of one Lovely Bride of 56 years.

Proud father of three beautiful daughters.

Grandfather of six brilliant grand kids.

Dentist for 42+ years . . . still enjoying it.

Late-age biker, but thoroughly enjoying it!

Have ridden 49 States, Europe, South America, Australia, New Zealand, Iron Butt Association Rides, GlobeRiders World Tour, GlobeRiders Silk Road Adventure.


Western Terminus, Great Wall of China.

Posing with the Custom/Border officials, Manzhouli, China.

Astride the Eurasian Continental Divide, Russia.

Debbie Christian - Washington, USA - 2006 BMW F650GS
Africa Adventure 2005
Africa Adventure 2007
Japan Hanami Tour 2008
World Tour 2008        

I live in Morton, Washington and am a small business owner. I am married to my wonderful husband and travel companion, Harrison Christian. I have four children and eight grandchildren.

I will be riding a 2006 BMW F650GS. I also own a 2005 BMW F650GS and a 2010 BMW F650GS (Twin). I am "vertically challenged" so I am limited in my selection of motorcycles <g>.

This will be my 5th Globeriders Tour. Africa 2005 (pillion with Harrison), Africa 2007, Japan 2008 and World Tour 2008.

This is going to be a wonderful journey.

". . . girls just want to have fun . . . ." - Cindy Lauper


Laden with bouquets presented by Agencies and the Motorcycle Club in Harbin, China.

Somewhere in northern Hokkaido, Japan.

Hamming it up with the Warriors, in Shanhaiguan, China.

Harrison Christian - Washington, USA - 2005 BMW F650GS Dakar
Africa Adventure 2005
Africa Adventure 2007
Japan Hanami Tour 2008
World Tour 2008        

70 years young.  Married to Debbie.  Entrepreneur and business owner.  Four children and eight grandchildren.

Three motorcycles.  I will be riding a 2005 BMW F650GS Dakar.  My other bikes are a 2004 BMW R1150GA Adventure and a 2009 BMW F800GS (Twin).

This will be my fifth Globeriders tour; Africa Adventure 2005, Africa Adventure 2007, Japan Hanami Tour 2008 and World Tour 2008.  I have traveled all over the world, but this will be my first trip to Vietnam & Cambodia.   While visiting Northern Thailand previously, I crossed the Mekong in a long tail boat and spent a day in Laos.  I'm sure I'll see much more of the country on this journey.

Helge, Mike and Dan are great people and I am looking forward to this trip.

"I can't get lost!" - Harrison Christian


Burley Mountain Road, Washington, USA.

Somewhere along the Trans-Siberian Highway, Russia.

Distracted with ponytails, China.

Mac McCaulley - New Jersey, USA - 2007 BMW R1200GS
Africa Adventure 2007
Japan Hanami Tour 2008    

I have owned (I think) eighteen or so motorcycles since I was 17. First Japanese, then British and now German. I currently own a BMW K75 and a BMW R1200 GS.

Some of my favorite trips on a bike have been to the Pacific Northwest, England, Wales, Morocco and Africa.

I have also gone on GlobeRiders adventure to Africa in 2007 and the Japan Hanami Tour in 2008.

I am really looking forward to visiting some beautiful and far away places in IndoChina. I imagine some days will be long sweeping turns thru the mountains and the jungles. The scenery will, I'm sure, be surpassed by the people we meet in their home neighborhoods. The crowded cities to the remote villages . . . the food . . . the history . . . here I come!

In real life I own a manufacturer's representative agency and sell for ten different companies. My specialties are stainless steel tubing and metal stampings. I sell into the medical, aircraft and heat exchanger industries in the northeastern part of the USA.

Too many hobbies and not enough time. Enjoy an old wooden Chris Craft, hiking, skiing and am regular squash player. Even enjoy riding a motorcycle!!! As someone once said . . . "So many roads and so little time . . . ."

I currently reside in Lake Hopatcong , New Jersey.


Somewhere in the middle of Nowhere, Africa.

Peter Pawluk - Alberta, Canada - 2003 BMW R1150GS Adventure
Silk Road Adventure 2007        

Married to Sue for 20 years, father of Katie (16) and Abbe (11).  Once again these lovely ladies have tolerated my wanderlust and supported my current desire to see Southeast Asia by motorcycle.  We travel extensively as a family but they draw the line at doing it on 2 wheels.

I work as a private veterinary practitioner specializing in swine (that would be hogs or pigs to most of you <g>).

Significant motorcycle trips: TransCanada to Labrador (2005), GlobeRiders Silk Road Adventure (2007), Continental Divide (2009).  Still to come: Inuvik to Ushuaia.  I’ve visited 31 countries and rode motorcycles in 13 of them.  Current bikes: 2003 BMW R1150GS Adventure and a 2009 Honda XR650L.

I ride for the challenge and the uncertainty and that strangely wonderful camaraderie that riders share.  Combine that with the opportunity to gain firsthand insight into the history, culture and cuisine of this fascinating part of the world . . . .   That is why I’ve decided to participate in the IndoChina Adventure.


Finding inspiration in The Vatican.

Somewhere in the Karakum Desert, Turkmenistan.

Cooling off in a Rocky Mountain Pass.

Helge Pedersen (Tour Leader) - Washington, USA - 2006 BMW HP2

Born and raised in Norway, I got my education as a technical photographer. At 27 I headed out into the world to explore, take pictures, and write stories, all while riding my BMW R80G/S motorcycle.

It was a life-changing journey that set me on a new path.  I knew that after this journey, it would be very difficult to go back to an ordinary job. That was when I started GlobeRiders, LLC, and here we are, ready to do another journey in IndoChina.

I live in Seattle, USA, with my wife Karen Ofsthus, whom I met on my world tour in 1988.  Karen joined the IndoChina Adventure last year and feels very sad that she cannot return this year.

Besides motorcycle adventure travel, I very much love taking pictures wherever I travel.  Lately I have become more interested in video and will explore this further on this journey.  Even though this is my third journey to this region, I am very excited to go back and discover new ways to photograph and document this journey.

My favorite bike since my BMW R80G/S is the BMW HP2 that I have been riding since 2007.  It feels like riding a R80G/S on steroids.  It is a simple, but very capable bike that fits me very well.

Enough said, let’s go for a Ride!

Helge P.


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