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Africa Adventure 2010

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Welcome to the Home Page of the GlobeRiders Africa Adventure 2010 Live!Journal!

The 2010 Africa Adventure is our 4th iteration of this challenging journey in this land of "The Big Five". Riding 6,700 miles (10,720 kilometers) over 37 days, our tour participants will make a counter-clockwise loop from Cape Town to Cape Town, traveling through South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland, Botswana, Zambia and Namibia along the way. As is true for all GlobeRiders tours, our client/riders' bikes were shipped from our facility in Seattle, Washington, USA, by ocean freight, allowing each rider to pilot her or his personally-outfitted motorcycle for the duration of the tour.



Bikes & Panniers are loaded!  Next stop,
Cape Town, South Africa.

This container's loading crew, from left to right:

Dan T., Sterling, Dan M., Helge, David


This Africa Live!Journal consists of two parts:


- A new Weekly Chapter page will be added to this website once a week. Each Chapter will consist of stories and photos from the road, submitted by participants en route, a sort of travel blog (or travelog) if you will. Chapter Navigation Menus at the top and bottom of each page allow you to quickly jump from one page of the Live!Journal to another.


- When each new Weekly Chapter is "published" to the website, we'll send an email newsletter Dispatch, informing subscribers to our newsletters that new content is available in the Live!Journal. Each Dispatch will contain a photo and short summary of the week, and clickable links that will take viewers directly to the relevant Chapters or other pages on our website.

Our Live!Journal gives those of you who couldn't join us this year, to include family and friends of the participants, the opportunity to take a "virtual" tour with us. It also captures and preserves the tour for our participants, creating a scrapbook of their adventure on the web that they can refer to for years to come. And of course, we hope that a select few of you may be inspired to join GlobeRiders on a future adventure.


The banner "map", like the one above, will be on each Chaper page as well and will show where we are and where we've been. You can click on the markers to get the location and time stamp. Normally the location updates are a live feed from our SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger but SPOT tells me that currenty Southern Africa has little to no coverage. If that is the case, we will use other means to update our location on the map each day so you can see where we are.


In the Chapter navigation Menus, weekly links which are yellow or blue are clickable, those in white are yet to come.

As always, should you have any questions, comments, requests, or simply want to say "hi" to any of us, all you need to do is click here to send us email.


Come ride the World with Us!




Dan Townsley - Partner/Guide





GlobeRiders Africa Adventure Documentary film

We scouted the GlobeRiders Africa Adventure in 2002 and conducted the first commercial tour in 2003. With the tour that you will read about here is our 4th commercial tour in southern Africa.

In other words it was on high time that we on this 4th Adventure to Africa would be making a documentary film of the journey. In our collection of documentary films Globeriders already have 4 journeys available on DVD’s and you can see all of the trailers on our DVD page by clicking here.

I am thrilled that the film is happening and with good thanks to the participants of the journey and Touratech’s support we plan to have the journey published in the form of a DVD by early March 2011.

It takes a lot of work to document a tour like this and for that reason we have 3 staff from GlobeRiders in Africa. Dan Townsley will be running the day-to-day tour while Sterling Noren and myself, Helge Pedersen, will focus our attention on the filming of the journey.

If you had a chance to see all the new camera and video equipment that Sterling and my bikes are loaded down with you might question our sanity and I admit it is a little on the far side of the scale. Well, now we just need to get this show on the road and proof to the world that two bikers on two wheels can make a outstanding motorcycle documentary film.


Come Ride the World with Us!


Helge Pedersen - GlobeRiders Founder

Guide, Photographer, Journalist, Traveler



Participants on This Adventure


Diana Mayer

Lynne Clark

Debbie Hower

Jeff Hower

Dan Marks

Randy McClanahan

John Hall

David Marsing

Greg Blakey

Emily McGay

Roger Waterman

Ben Jack

Tom Petrillo

Richard Lamph

Vincent Cummings

Dan Townsley - Tour Guide

Sterling Noran - Filmmaker

Andrew Biram - Local Guide/Driver


Helge Pedersen
GlobeRiders Founder - Tour Leader




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