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Africa Adventure 2013

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Welcome to the Home page for the GlobeRiders 2013 Africa Adventure.


The 2013 Africa Adventure is our 5th iteration of this challenging journey in the land of "The Big Five". Riding 6,700 miles (10,720 kilometers) over 37 days, our tour participants will make a counter-clockwise loop from Cape Town to Cape Town, traveling through South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Namibia along the way. As is true for all GlobeRiders tours, our client/riders' bikes were shipped from our facility in Seattle, Washington, USA, by ocean freight, allowing each rider to pilot her or his personally-outfitted motorcycle for the duration of the tour.


Bikes & Panniers are loaded!  Next stop,
Cape Town, South Africa.

This container's loading crew, from left to right:

Terry, Chris, Dan M., Helge, Gary


Whenever you join a GlobeRiders Adventure you will soon learn that the preparations for the journey starts months ahead of the actual departure date. We have a special online Forum dedicated to the members of the ride and it is here the preparations begin. This is also a good place to get to know your fellow riders with whom you will be sharing the road for the next month or so.

If you are following our journey through the Live!Journal I hope you enjoy seeing our pictures and reading our stories. If you have any comments or questions to the group please let us know by writing to




Come Ride the World with Us!


Helge Pedersen - GlobeRiders Founder

Guide, Photographer, Journalist, Traveler




Live Tracking Map


This journey has been completed and the map image below shows the complete route as created by Helge's inReach SE.


We hope you enjoy following along with Helge and the tour particiants. Maybe in the future we'll see you on one of our GlobeRider Adventures.

Come ride the World with Us!



Dan Townsley - Partner

All Things GPS



Nicole Beden - Philadelphia, PA, USA

Brent Davison - Eustis, FL, USA


Cecilia Hernandez - Albuquerque, NM, USA


Bence Horvath - Madrid, Spain

Terry Gauthier- Helena, MT, USA

Jonny Johanson - Sandnes, Norway

Marty Kromer - Wilmington, DE, USA

Daniel Natal - Rio Rancho, NW, USA

John Oates - Philadelphia, PA, USA


Kainan Rafaeli - Raanana, Israel


Sharee Rafaeli - Raanana, Israel

Gary Schmidt - Goleta, CA, USA

Bill Shea - Wilmington, DE, USA


Bertus Prinsloo - South Africa



Helge Pedersen - Shoreline, WA, USA

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