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The Last Great Adventure






(Tour closed.  See the Live!Journal of this adventure by clicking here or the graphic above.)
































GlobeRiders IndoChina Adventure 2009 ( Tour Closed)


The IndoChina Adventure 2009


We're“welcomed” by thousands of small bikes and scooters as we ride our first miles in Vietnam.  Looking at a buzzing sea of two, three and four-wheeled vehicles, the crushing and seemingly chaotic traffic in this historic city of six million people can easily overwhelm.  However, after studying the patterns, it is amazing to see how forgiving and easily the traffic actually flows.  You will see no fast-movers, no anger, and as long as you Become One with the Traffic and Go with the Flow, you will have no problems.


Welcome to the start of the IndoChina Adventure 2009, the 2nd iteration of this incomparable ride. 


We'll begin in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), where we'll clear customs and take delivery of our bikes.  Then, we'll head out for a grand tour of IndoChina, touring through Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, taking it all in and visiting UNESCO World Heritage sites, and making new friends along the way.


For highlights of this magnificent Adventure, please read on. . . .


Tour Begins: 23 Sep 2009 in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam
Tour Ends: 29 Oct 2009 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Countries: Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia
Duration: 37 Days, 3,750 miles/6,000 kilometers
Tour Leader: Helge Pedersen
Max. Total Group Size: Limited to 15 riders and motorcycles. In addition, pillion passengers (two-up on motorcycle only) or passengers (in chase vehicle) are welcome.


Highlights of the IndoChina Adventures
  • Before we dive into the traffic we will visit The Mekong Delta by bus and boat, stay over-night, and return to Saigon for a final night in the big city.
  • Heading North, we ride some wonderful mountain roads before making our way to the coast where we visit the ancient town of Hoi An, our first UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here we will take time to enjoy some wonderful beaches.
  • After touring the old capital city of Hue, we visit the War Memorial as we cross the former DMZ (De-Militarized Zone) on our way north via National Highway 1.
  • We will leave our bikes in Hanoi after one night’s rest, and take a private coach to Ha Long Bay, Boarding a private boat, we will spend the night on deck and in our staterooms, enjoying the natural wonder of these mystical waters.
  • In northern Vietnam the region of Sapa will impress with its splendid nature and colorful Hill Tribe people. We will go hiking to some of these villages and meet these fascinating tribes in their villages.
  • Luang Prabang, a World Cultural Heritage Town, will be our first major stop in Laos. Here we will visit the Pac Ou Cave and Ban Xanghai Village by boat. Every morning, at 6:00AM, hundreds of monks will gather in the streets to collect food donations from the local people.
  • A side trip for those that would like to visit Phonsavan, the well-known Plain of Jars, which is currently under evaluation as a new World Cultural Heritage Site.
  • Vat Phou, yet another Cultural Heritage Site that we will visit while staying in Pakse, Laos.
  • We’ll once again gaze upon the Mekong River as we look from the window of our hotel in Phnom Penh, capital of Cambodia. Here we will visit the infamous Killing Field, and the graceful Silver Pagoda Grand Palace, in addition to others.
  • We’ll head for the beaches of Sihanoukville where we will enjoy a luxury resort, or get on the bike and venture up the hill to Bokor Mountain, a former French Hill Station. There is also a nearby village called Kep where people make their living from crab fishing, well worth a visit <g>.
  • Siem Reap and its nearby temples of Angkor Wat in Cambodia are known throughout the world, and for that reason, are major sightseeing destinations. Despite the crowds of other international tourists, this is most definitely one of the highlights of our journey.





To participate in the IndoChina Adventure, you must be experienced and comfortable riding in both crowded urban traffic, and on roads with varying surface conditions, piloting your fully-loaded motorcycle. You should own a rough-terrain capable "dual-purpose" type motorcycle, with sturdy, lockable panniers or saddlebags, with an approved handlebar-mounted portable Garmin GPS (Global Positioning System) receiver.


The tour package fee DOES include: two-way containerized shipment of your motorcycle, outbound from our home port of Seattle, Washington, USA, to Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam, and on the return from Phnom Penh, Cambodia back to Seattle.  Also included are: visa applications and processing fees, driving permits, customs, warehouse and temporary importation fees, all accommodations, most dinners, all breakfasts, some lunches, fees for guides, drivers and lead or chase vehicles, bus transportation on sightseeing days, most en route planned group activities, and the support and assistance of trained GlobeRiders staff guides.


The tour package DOES NOT include: motorcycle or shipping insurance, trip insurance, your airfare, transportation of your motorcycle to/from our home port of Seattle, Washington, USA, personal daily expenses such as fuel, consumables, lunch, tips for guides and drivers, recovery or repair of your motorcycle beyond the capabilities of the GlobeRiders and local guides, medical transport, and treatment or evacuation in case of illness or injury.


For riders living outside of the United States, GlobeRiders will assist in organizing shipment of motorcycles either to/from Seattle, or to/from the start and end of the tour.  Because our costs for shipping a container are fixed, shipment outside of our container will be at the expense of the motorcycle owner.



Double-Occupancy Cost for Rider and Motorcycle if we have 8 to 13 Riders (8 Riders minimum required to conduct tour)

(Tour is now closed)
Single Room Supplement/Upgrade for above
(Tour is now closed)

Double-Occupancy Cost for Pillion (two-up) Passenger if we have 8 to 13 riders

(Tour is now closed)

Double-Occupancy Cost for Chase Vehicle Passenger if we have 8 to 13 riders

(Tour is now closed)



Double-Occupancy Cost for Rider and Motorcycle if we have 14 to 16 Riders

(Tour is now closed)
Single Room Supplement/Upgrade for above.
(Tour is now closed)

Double-Occupancy Cost for Pillion (two-up) Passenger if we have 14 to 16 Riders

(Tour is now closed)

Double-Occupancy Cost for Chase Vehicle Passenger if we have 14 to 16 Riders

(Tour is now closed)



*NOTE - The tour package fee for a passenger in our chase vehicle includes a guaranteed seat for your partner and stowage of a reasonable amount of luggage, with a dedicated driver and guide.


For a preview, please visit our Live!Journals, a web travelog created while our previous IndoChina projects were underway. To view the Live!Journal from the pre-run or recce in 2007, please click here.  To view the Live!Journal from our inaugural IndoChina Adventure 2008, please click here.


For additional information about our tours and processes, we strongly encourage you to read our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page by clicking here.


If you have any questions, or wish to make a no obligation reservation, you can send us email by clicking here.


The Fine Print: Early planning is essential.  Riders, passengers, motorcycles and portable GPS receivers must be qualified by GlobeRiders.  You will be asked to provide riding and character references. Only approved motorcycles with spoked wheels are allowed on our tours. Tour participants are required to obtain a signed certification of good health from their physician.  Participants must show proof of medical and medical evacuation insurance. Safety first; a full coverage or flip-up style full-coverage helmet, full-fingered gloves, full-coverage riding suit with protective armor and riding boots must be worn at all times when your motorbike is in motion. Priority placement is always given to GlobeRiders clients who are return customers. Final pricing for any tour may be adjusted to reflect changes in foreign exchange rates and/or the final group size.  A USD$2,000.00 deposit is required to confirm a reservation for any tour.  Once paid, this deposit is non-refundable should you withdraw from the tour. Should GlobeRiders cancel the tour for any reason, any deposits or tour package fees paid will be refunded 100%.


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